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My name is Sabrina Thompson. Photographer and digital artist of Innovative Artography since 2007. Currently based in Yelm Washington, I shoot a little of this style, and a little of that subject, around Washington and Oregon.. I won't bore you with too many endless, boring personal details. The short story: I'm a mom of two human littles, and two fur babies. We are all artists in this house! Constantly creating, innovating.

I shoot canon, outdoors and on location. Studio rentals as needed. Both natural lighting and flash lighting. I don't sub type and shoot a little of everything.
Limited Weddings, Families, Children, Maternity, Headshots, Creative Portraits & Composites.

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$300 +

Portrait Sessions

Time varies by session type
Families. Maternity. Children. Individuals.
Couples. Pets. Lifestyle

Session pricing begins at $300. and due at time of booking.
Product and print packages begin at $300, full list available at inquiry.

$300 +

Boudoir & Glamour Studio Sessions

Studio sessions begin at $300, and is due at time of booking. for session cost which includes H&MUA,

Folios begin at at $1200



$500 +

Creative Session & Stylized Sets

These special and themes sessions begin at $500 and go up depending on details and time needed. From personalized Composite photography to multi day creative shoots. Contact me to discuss session details and build a custom quote.


Mini / Super Mini special sessions

These are special limited events held by IA announcement only.
Special gifts and products available only during sessions and not found during normal bookings.
Follow Facebook page to see when announced and inclusions.



Locations over an hour outside of Olympia area may incur additional hourly rate and mileage fees.
Tax not included in prices listed. Inquire for full details and availability.



Previous and current clients






Are your walls naked? Lets cover them in canvas! Need the perfect gift for your husband? How about some sexy lustre boudoir prints? Hey, we can do a ' Dudoir too if you are so inclined! Dogs playing pool not cutting it for your man cave wall art? How about a daper and edgy composite of your fellow bad-arse men folk? Or maybe just a composite of YOUR dogs playing pool! From lifestyle family to fantastical dreamy story art, we got you. Shoot us a message, lets grab a coffee or stout and plan out the images you have only imagined before.